Lamb of God 
 Christian Community
     "A Community of Disciples on Mission in New Zealand


Statement of Nature

The elders and membership of the Lamb of God Community adopted a basic 'Statement of Nature' in November 1981. This statement of nature expresses the following:

  1. The Community is committed to building a Christian environment for the support of family, religious and single life. Acts 2. 42 - 47

    The basis of this commitment is unity with Christ Jesus showing itself in a desire to share our lives and our resources. We believe that we are called to build this environment wherever our Community is established.

  2. The Community is an ecumenical Christian Community. Jn 15. 20-21

    The Community is not a church and requires its members to be practicing Christians in their own denominations. We believe that Christians, in acknowledging the Lordship of Jesus Christ, can share their lives in covenant love, while working towards unity through personal renewal and the renewal of their Christian Traditions.

  3. The Community has a charismatic spirituality. 1 Cor 14. 1.

    We believe that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are given for the building of the Community.

  4. The Community is committed to spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ. Matt 28. 19 - 20

    We believe that we are called to witness to the power of Jesus Christ wherever we are called.


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