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The 'Lamb of God' Covenant Community was formed in 1979. The Community is established throughout New Zealand, with Christchurch being the main branch and administrative centre.

The membership adopted a basic 'Statement of Nature' in November 1981

The Community is an ecumenical Christian Community with members of various Church traditions joining together as a visible sign of unity in the living out of our daily lives. The Community comprises over 90% Catholic members and an important aim of the Community is to promote ecumenism in accord with the teachings and principles of the Catholic Church.

The Community emphasis is on the living out of a Christian lifestyle in which the charismatic gifts would be one aspect of its life. Its major concern is a supportive lifestyle for family and single life. Christ is the heart of our life; in Him we move and have our being. Teaching, worship, pastoral care, sharing and service provides the supportive environment where the Lord's way is found and lived. The Community is effective in bringing people of all ages and situations together.

Member of the community commit themselves by The Covenant  to the Lord and to one another.

n various parts of the world God has raised up Christian communities in the work of His Holy Spirit.

Our purpose or mission can be summed up as follows:

  • to help people come to faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and to receive the fullness of the power of the Holy Spirit.

  • to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a de-Christianised environment

  • to help people live the foundation teachings of the New Testament as normative for their lives.

  • to help foster renewal among the Christian churches through the re-establishment of properly ordered relationships and values.

  • to lead people into as deeply committed and mature Christian lives as possible in and through community life. Whilst the community concentrates on forming these values in the lives of those who are drawn to us, we also see the promotion of such values as a part of our wider mission

The Lamb of God Centre

In December 1994 the Lamb of God Community bought the St.Albans Baptist Church as our Community Centre. The building includes an Auditorium which seats 350, a hall which seats 100 at tables and a number of smaller rooms. The Auditorium is mainly used for our Sunday Afternoon Gathering. The Auditorium can be divided in two, (a full size wall folds up). The divided off back of this area is used for our Encounter Jesus meetings and many other uses.



AN INVITATION TO YOU.... come and see and share in our vision
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Lord, we put our lives into Your hands and desire to be Your servants.

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